General Tutorials

Google Sign In Page Appearance Update (Spring 2024)
Google Apps & Their Purposes
Google Workspace: Making Your Teacher Life Easier
Paperless Strategies

Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Default Web Browser
Microsoft Outlook Weblinks: Open in Chrome Browser
Syncing Google Chrome Browser
Chrome Onstart Up Settings
Creating QR Codes
Website Settings in Google Chrome


Chromebook Overview
Chromebook Settings Overview
Chromebook Login Issue (January 2024)


Essential Classroom Knowledge

Google Classroom Introduction
Google Classroom Summer 2023 Updates
Archiving Google Classrooms
Share to Google Classroom

Beyond the Basics of Classroom

YouTube & Google Classroom Materials
Adobe Acrobat for Google Drive (Google Drive Add On)
Assigning PDFs for Annotation in Google Classroom
Reviewing & Assessing PDF Assignments

Classroom YouTube Video Activities


Managing Drive Files

Transferring Ownership of a Google Drive File
Google Files Ownership (Mass Transfer)
Transferring Numerous Google Drive Files to a Personal Google Account
Lock a Google Drive File
Google Drive Home Screen Update (January 2024)
Google Drive & Photos

Drive & PDFs

Adobe Acrobat for Google Drive (Google Drive Add On)
Reviewing & Assessing PDF Assignments


Google Docs Translate Feature
Handwriting Lines in Google Docs.mp4
Google Docs Smart Chips Overview
Voice Typing in Google Docs


Google Forms Update (January 2024)
Google Forms Email Address Collection Settings





Teams & Meet Links in Microsoft Outlook Calendar
Starting Google Meet from Outlook Calendar Event
Google Meet Video Layout
Google Meet Screen Sharing & Participant View


Google Search & AI Overviews


Essential Google Sites Information

Google Sites Best Practices
Google Sites Introduction
Google Site Checklist.pdf
Public Google Sites

Beyond the Basics of Sites

Public Documents
Enhancing Your Teacher Website
Sharing Photos via Your Google Site


Handwriting Lines in Google Slides.mp4
Live Pointers in Google Slides
Google Slides Recordings
Google Slides Background Image
Setting Google Slides Background
Stop Motion Google Slide Playback Speed


Google Docs Translate Feature
Google Translate (Web Version)
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