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Keyboarding for Londonderry Elementary Students

2023-2024 Keyboarding Program Details

This slide deck provides information regarding:

Keyboarding November 2023 Update for All Teachers

Class Progression, Settings, & Associated Videos

This spreadsheet indexes the program's lessons, our preferred settings, and associated videos with each lesson.

The video listing is helpful for you if you need to redirect a student to reviewing a specific skill or concept. Class Progression, Settings, & Associated Videos Student Themes

Many enjoy customizing their experience with avatars & themes.

Avatar: Character/Profile Photo

Theme: The look of the program and integrating adventure into the lessons

Available Themes Student Theme

Progress Monitoring

Strategies to assist you in monitoring student keyboarding abilities General Progress Monitoring

Activities Beyond the Advanced Unit

Keyboarding Options Beyond the Advanced Unit

Keyboarding Best Practice Resources

This graphic highlights four best practices when teaching keyboarding.  Below are resources for each.

Keyboarding Best Practices

Core Stretches

Children's Hospital Colorado Core Exercise Playlist


Posture & Accuracy

7 Tips for Proper Posture at Your Computer


20-20-20 Rule

This rule is a simple way to remember periodic screen breaks.

Keyboarding Resources

Keyboard Shortcuts

This shortcut handout was created by Jordan Earley, North School's Occupational Therapist.