Educational Technology

Londonderry School District, New Hampshire

Fall 2020

Welcome Back Teachers! We're in this Together!

As we prepare for a variety of scenarios this school year, we are looking to gain a better understanding of what teachers need in terms of Ed. Tech. Professional Development. Google Apps for Education will be the platform in which we harness the teaching and learning for our courses, so we're looking to get some feedback in terms of your skill levels in a variety of applications.

Round I or Module I of the Ed. Tech. training involves us hitting the slopes! Our 'Levels of Proficiency' on the self-assessments are similar to what we see on the ski/snowboarding hill. Please check out the descriptions of each level once you're inside the Google Classroom.

Please click on your school's link to head over to the Google Classroom-

Do You or a Loved One Need Tech. Support? Click Here for Help!

First, go to the district's "INFO Page" :

For IT Help Tickets, you'll have to officially log in- see "STAFF LOGON" left upper side of window-

Use your Londonderry School District login AND include world\ before your username go to top toolbar "HELP DESK";

Click on first choice, "Get Tech. Support" and complete the requested information, "CREATE THIS TICKET" and it will go directly up the pipeline to building tech. support or higher if it needs to be escalated.