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Screen Recording

ScreenCastify for Londonderry School District

We are excited to announce that we now have Screencastify [Record, Edit, and Submit]* Unlimited, which provides everyone with [unlimited recordings, edited videos, and unlimited Submit assignments]* 🎉!

If you haven’t tried Screencastify, it’s super easy to get started facilitating video-based learning and making learning more personal. Your license will automatically be upgraded the next time you use the extension - here is a helpful walkthrough as well.

Additional Resources

  • 📚Classroom Resource Page - They have an amazing resource page filled with ideas and inspiration for using video in your classroom.

  • 🎓Certification Courses - You can sharpen your screencasting skills with these brief, easy-to-follow courses.

  • 💌Family Letter - If you would like to let your students’ families know that we will be using Screencastify this year, feel free to update this letter with your contact information and send.