Google Meet

If you prefer written instructions view of Google Meet Quick Start Guide.

There is also a more in-depth Google Meet Cheat Sheet.

Integrate Google Meet and Classroom

This 2 minute video will show you how to create a Google Meeting for your Google Classroom. This makes it easy to schedule meetings with your students and also prevents students from meeting without you.

Important Note!

Even if your students do not know their Google login they can still join your meeting by following the 3 steps below.

This can also be used for meeting with parents who do not have Londonderry Google accounts.

  1. Click the link to the meeting.

  2. Enter their name and click the "Ask to Join" button

  3. Teacher then approves or denies the request for the student to join the meeting.

Google's app, 'Jamboard', as a Whiteboard in Google 'Meet'-

This video shows you how you can combine 2 great Google products, Meet and Jamboard, to have an interactive whiteboard experience during your online class.

This clip from 'Flipped Classroom' is about sharing files & attachments in Google Meet~

Deep Dive Into Google Meet

This 10 minute video explores the various functions inside Google Meet and how to best use them with your students.