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Basic intro to Google Classroom

  • How to set up a class

  • How to give announcements, assignments, and quizzes

  • How to set up topics

How to assign work in Google Classroom:

This is helpful when assigning a worksheet or form that you want each individual student to have their own copy of.

Google Classroom Tips & Tricks for the 2020-2021 School Year, with updates!

Small Group in Google Classroom!

Check out the tutorials to learn how to create small groups within one Google Classroom.

Google's Teacher Resource Center: Click Here!

Google Classroom is an excellent way to manage student assignments, collect work, and communicate with your class. Check out the videos below to help you set up your classroom.

Just like anything else, if you try to take in too much too quickly, it can be overwhelming! Pace yourself and just take one step at a time- before you know it, your Google Classroom Sites will be amazing!

Here's a link for "60 Smarter Ways to Use Google Classroom" from Teach Thought:

If you have progressed from 'Google Classroom Newbie' to 'Google Classroom Beginner', this clip is for you!

Check out the "Cheat Sheet" Below!

"Setting Due Dates/Times and Changing Your Notification Settings in Google Classroom"

Google Classroom: Assignment Due Dates & Notification Settings
Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Teachers by Shake Up Learning.pdf

Click the image to the left to open these PDF's from 'Shake Up Learning!'

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Students by Shake Up Learning.pdf

Need Help with Using Google Forms in Your Google Classroom?

Click on the Arrow to the Right: Ensure Your Google Material is Accessible

Credit goes out to North School's LMC

This video will show you how to use Google Classroom to:

  • Communicate with parents

  • Adjust the levels of edit/post rights for students

  • Copy course for different semesters/classes

How to assign group projects in Google Classroom

Watch this video to learn how to maximize collaboration projects with Google Classroom.

Post assignments or resources that you know you'll be using all year~ Check out the You Tube clip ( and just click on the Google Doc below for "how to's".