Ed Puzzle

This will help you to use Socrative and EdPuzzle to create efficient and effective Exit Tickets.

This is a step-by-step on how to get up and running with EdPuzzle!

For Londonderry School District

- Teachers already on Edpuzzle: Those who have verified their email address and used the district's email domain (@londonderry.org) are upgraded and all set. They will see their "Pro-School" status when they click the circular user icon in the top right corner because the drop-down menu will say "Pro-School".

- Teachers new to Edpuzzle: Those who have not joined Edpuzzle, or were not upgraded for any reason, can use the Network URL to upgrade their account. When they click on this URL, they will be prompted to sign up/log in and choose from a list of district schools: https://edpuzzle.com/schools/join/network/r6fa5r

- Here is our new Resources Page that contains all of the training materials like self-paced PD and webinar replays (I recommend the "Getting Started" playlist for beginners!)

Here are the Google Classroom Integration instructions and best practices

- Here is a 30 min webinar replay: Edpuzzle and Google Classroom 101

  • 2:41 - How to Create an Account

  • 4:42 - Let’s sync our classes

  • 8:00 - Let’s find, edit, and assign a video

  • 21:32 - Common mistakes

  • 24:54 - What do things look like for students?

  • 29:05 - Student Grades

Here are some fantastic resources for the Elementary School teachers:

- Reimagining Elementary School with Edpuzzle

- Six Ways to Use Edpuzzle with Elementary Kids

Lastly, here are new subject-specific videos with ideas and strategies for using Edpuzzle:

- Edpuzzle for Math Teachers

- Edpuzzle for Science Teachers

- Edpuzzle for Social Studies Teachers

- Edpuzzle for ELA Teachers