Google Calendar

Google Meet & Virtual Parent Night Information for Teachers!

(Thank you to Principal Amity Small from Matthew Thornton!)

*If you use the Google Meet link on the top of your google classroom page, parents/students must be on the account to get access into the meeting.

*In order to allow access email addresses outside of the organization, you would need to set up the meeting through the Google Calendar.

*To do this:

*Log into your Londonderry Google account.

*Go to calendar option icon and go to the date to set your meeting. Add event to the date—title it “Parents Night” or whatever you’d like—add time frame 6:00-6:30—and hit the blue button that says add google video conferencing. Save event.

*Then you can open the event on your calendar and copy the google link under the Join with Google Meet option—that is what you send to parents to access the meeting (works best in Chrome).

*To start your meeting, simply go to your calendar and hit the join with Google tab. This will open the meeting. Again, make sure to be in Chrome. Once the meeting is started you can play around—present option allows you to share screen.

*If you want to send your parents a message in Aspen and you copy something to paste in the message spot, it will only work if you are in the Chrome browser.

Google Classroom and Google Calendar work incredibly well together!

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