Using Google for Education

Parent & Guardian Access to Google Classroom

Please note that parents can not directly access a Google Classroom with their personal Google accounts even if they have been a classroom code. They can only signup for daily/weekly summaries of their student’s work. Check out the videos to learn more about 'Google Classroom for Parents and Students'.


Once a student has joined a Google Classroom, Teachers are then able to 'send an invitation' from their individual Google Classroom to the parents/guardians of that student.

The email must be opened and the invitation must be accepted in order to receive summaries. There are options for daily, weekly, or no summaries.

It is important to note that parents/guardians DO NOT have the ability to log into a Google Classroom; only students with their Londonderry accounts can log into a Londonderry Google Classroom.

The parent/guardian summary is meant to communicate the basics, and spark a conversation regarding classwork, etc. To dive deeper, sit with your student as they log into their class(es) and have them show you the specifics.

Google Classroom for Parents/Guardians Video Tutorial


We've had several questions about sharing links to Google Drive, so here is a reminder. Please remember that when you share a link outside the domain, the permissions must be set to: Anyone with the link can view.

Here is a quick video. It's about sharing a video, but the sharing works the same for any file in your Google Drive. Once you have set the permissions and copied the link, you can share the link through email, paste it into a Google Doc or Slide, post to a Google Site, post in Classroom.

If you are making a Google Site, you also have to set your permissions so that the site is visible. Here's how you do that:

Remember that you need to Publish your site after you make any changes, so the changes are visible.

​Also, in the Publish settings, you can choose to have your site not searchable. You might want to check this if you have anything there that you don't want the whole world to see, like passwords.

When you share your site, make sure your Publishing Settings are set to: Anyone can find and view the published version. That way, when you send out the link to the published site, anyone can view it.

Google Products - can be accessed through any browser, but you can get extra apps and extensions if you log into Google Chrome.

*********On your first time Creating a Google Classroom say you are a Teacher and choose Organizational Unit**************

Here are some "Cheat Sheets" to Help! Click on the Underlined Word (s) for Info.

Quick Reference Google Drive