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K-12 Teachers are now utilizing our students ' Google accounts- to have names, email addresses and passwords in one place, try using the template below.

Username & Password Template

Outlook Email

Use the Outlook button on your desktop

From home:

Sign in with your email address and password.

Editable Substitute Plan Packet.docx

Editable Substitute Plan Template!

  • It can be very stressful to plan for when we're out of the classroom

  • This template is HUGE- take what you need and ditch the rest

  • Share the news, give feedback to Megg, and keep up the great work.

Health and Wellness Benefits

This is where you can log healthy activities and earn money back from your health care:

Health Cost Reimbursements

Additional Information

The World of EdTech 🎓

Source: Cathy Breed from KAMI's Marketing Department

Keep your students safe online

In the US classroom, only 42% of assignments are now done using pen and paper and 73% of teachers say their students use devices in class daily. But, powerful as it is, the worldwide web is not risk-free.

So how can you ensure your students are safe in the online environment? Check out our top tips to help protect your students and promote cybersecurity in your classroom here.

Should we pursue personalized learning?

It has big sponsors, makes regular appearances at education conferences and district-led initiatives, but can we say with any confidence that we are closer to achieving personalized learning… whatever that may be?

Let’s take a dive into what personalized learning means, the controversies surrounding it and the potential benefits here.

Can tech really boost student creativity?

Technology gets a bad rep when it comes to creativity. Gaming, spending time online or even looking at a screen are commonly held up as causes of stunted imagination and lack of collaboration skills.

But what if we told you that the exact opposite was true!

Learn about how tech can bring creativity to your classroom here.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning, hybrid learning or sometimes flipped learning is an education trend gaining momentum. And for good reason. Find out more about what exactly blending learning entails, it’s benefits and practical applications here.