Winter 2020-2021


⭐Our Faculty and Staff are Superheros!⭐

The Londonderry School District took unprecedented steps to prepare for what seemed, and proved to be true, inevitable in terms of COVID-19. While the state of New Hampshire began to spike in the number of cases, schools were faced with the the next chapter of how to keep adults and kids safe. Our district administration had foresight and made data-driven decisions. Faculty, staff, families and townspeople were kept up-to-date on a regular basis as to what conditions would result in the re-implementation of 'Remote Instruction'.

Our schools transitioned to 'Remote Instruction' after the School Board approved Scott's detailed plans. Teachers had a little time around the Thanksgiving holiday to make those last adjustments before going fully remote on Monday November 30, 2020. Students and families also had some lead time to rearrange work and child care schedules, and we appreciate the incredible strain this pandemic has placed on working parents & guardians.

Words cannot accurately describe the lengths that our teachers and support staff have gone to ensure education for all. As a district-wide technology trainer, I am fortunate enough to visit all five of our school buildings and witness first hand the incredible efforts that are being made. Ranging from dressing up in character to read a storybook over video, to zip-ties around web-cams to hold them in place for music demonstrations, and talking through some tears- our professionals have stopped at nothing to bring learning experiences to their students.

While the general public may not quite understand what it's like to teach 21 kindergarteners through Google Meet, or keeping the attention of a sophomore whose puppy is jumping in her lap, all while navigating layers upon layers upon layers of technology- as your IT Department- we would like to take this opportunity to offer thanks for the immeasurably amount of work you have put into this effort.

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